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Why You Should Promote HTML2WP:

- The biggest reason is that it's a unique, high-quality product people actually want. It's the only plugin that turns static HTML pages into Wordpress pages that accept Widgets.

- HTML2WP sells for $47 for the personal license. And $97 for the developer's license. You get 70% of that...

The Most Powerful Promotional Technique Of All:

I have promoted many different affiliate programs. Without exception, my best promos were always the ones that I gave a genuine positive review of the product I was promoting while I added my own bonus.

This worked well for two reasons:

1: People got more value for their money. The bonus sweetened the deal

2: It prevented people from buying through another affiliate or even their own affiliate link.

Give a positive review of HTML2WP (if you feel it's worth it). Then, tell your people to buy through your link and then email you their receipt so they can receive the bonus you promise them. The more exclusive and hard to find the bonus, the higher the amount of sales is.

Here is an email you can send to your subscribers and customers. You can use it "as is" or just use it as inspiration to create your own:

Subject Lines (please select one):

Email body:

A powerful method that can at least double (or triple!) the email results you get:

This is one of the best kept "secrets" of the industry and one I have personally used in the past in order to win difficult affiliate contests. Now, I will practically hand you this powerful tip so that you can use it and profit from it...

Instead of sending just one email to your subscribers, you can send them two... or three... Seriously, you can do this and it will skyrocket your affiliate commissions. In fact, sometimes you can see more sales generated from the second email than you would see from the first email.

For example, the first email may generate 5 sales and the second email 9 sales. Don't ask me why this happens but I've seen it time and time again. What you need to keep in mind is that every email should use a different angle. A different subject line and a completely new approach in your email "body." As you noticed above, I gave you two completely different "solos."

What you can do, is send each one of them spaced about three to four days apart. Different people respond to different hot buttons. You will see people who "ignored" your first email, actually rush to buy the product with your second email. You just need to show them how HTML2WP will benefit them...

Forum Signatures:

When you post in your favorite internet marketing forum, you can make some easy sales from your signature files - especially if your posts are interesting and valuable.

Post replies in forum threads or even start your own interesting forum topics.

You can use the following forum signature:

"Super-simple Wordpress plugin takes your beautiful, static-HTML salesletters and turns them into identical-looking, Wordpress-page, widget-ready, SEO powerhouses! All with just 4 clicks and in less than 1 minute - 100% guaranteed..."


You can use banners on your site, or on other people's sites (if you buy ad space).

Right click on an image, "save as", download to your computer and upload to your server.

You can even link directly to the images on this page.





How To Receive Commissions Constantly - and on Autopilot

Do you have a site where you accept subscriptions (for a newsletter for example)? One of the best ways to generate autopilot commissions for HTML2WP is to have a recommendation for it on the "thank you" page.

Two important points (tested facts, not theory):

1) Use just one product on the "Thank you" page. If you use multiple recommendations, you'll just confuse your visitors.

2) Clickthroughs increase when you include an image as well. Feel free to use one of the banners on this page

People who just opted in to your list or who just bought something from you are very high quality. They just said "yes" once - they are likely to do so again - if you just ask them.

By adding a promotion for HTML2WP on your thank you pages, you can continue making commissions for a long time to come without lifting a finger. I also recommend you add email promotions for HTML2WP within your current ecourse, prospect follow up or customer follow up. That way, all future prospects on your site will receive your recommendation. This is much more productive than sending a "one off" message.


How To Cloak Your Affiliate Links:

Most affiliates choose to cloak their links, because they look prettier. Here's how to cloak your link:

Step 1: Right click and select "save as" to download this page to your computer

Step 2: Open this page (html2wp.html) with a simple text editor like Notepad or Textpad

Step 3: Replace YOU-AFFILIATE-LINK with YOUR affiliate link. Don't delete the double quotes.

Step 4: Save the changes to your file

Step 5: Upload the file to your website

Step 6: That's it. You can now send your prospects and customers to that page
(for example: your-site.com/html2wp.html)

This is essentially a frame. Some browsers don't allow cookies to pass through frames but the tracking of my affiliate program is done in such a way that you WILL get credit for every sale. This is done with server side includes (if you care to know) :-)

To your success,

George Katsoudas

PS. Don't hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions or suggestions. I reply to all my email personally and very quickly