HTML2WP support

Hi and thanks for contacting us! :-)

First of all, make sure you have watched the HTML2WP demo video to make sure you are using the plugin correctly.

Please open a support ticket and select the "HTML2WP" category from the drop-down menu and:

1) Let us know what issue you are facing

2) Please provide your blog's login URL, username and password, in the following format:


3) Please provide your FTP or cPanel login credentials in the following format:


4) Attach to the ticket a zip folder that has in it one html page, as well as the images, .css and javascript for that specific html page. Leave out any unnecessary big files like videos.The zip folder should be up to 1 megabyte in size (preferably much smaller).

5) Mention the name of the page template that you created (or that you are trying to create) that isn't working properly.

We strive to answer all support requests in less than 24 hours.

Thanks! :-)

George Katsoudas